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Strategic Analyses for Estia Health Aged-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Conduct a strategic analyses for Estia Health Aged Care, an Australia's publicly listed company. Answer: Introduction Estia was established in 2005. Today the company is one of the biggest residential aged care providers in Australia. The company offers more than 67 facilities and the activities are conducted in more than 5,910 places. 7,000 employees are operating the activities across victoria, South Australia, Queensland. Estia motive is to offer its consumers with the good standards of aged care services in an innovative and supportive environment. The company has an experienced management team who are dedicated towards the work and has the capability to conduct the activities effectively. The operational efficiency of the company is to give proper results via its corporate center situated in Melbourne and also across Australia. The market share of the company is large and the financial strength of the company is strong as compared to other health aged care companies. In this report, the discussion will be made by taking into consideration pestle, Porter 5 five forces, strategic capabilities, VRIO and SWOT. In Australia, the problems that are faced are related to aging population and making policies and healthcare for the aged people. There are many policies measures that are taken into consideration by the government to aim at social support. There are also some policies that are successful and have been faced at the time of implementation. So there are many problems in the residential aged care (Marttunen et al., 2017). External analysis Pestle Political analysis It is seen that the public expenditure on health is low as compared to other countries and the residential aged care is more dominant in the private sector. The facilities of the government assist to attract foreign investors by considering the investor-friendly policies and tax incentives. The government hopes to offer innovative drugs and also to offer modern medical equipment. By giving emphasis on telemedicine in Australia the services can be availed easily and also information technology and communication can assist the customers (Attoe et al., 2017). The government is also giving focus on encouraging good partnerships that are both private and public. It also helps to promote medical tourism. The Australian government is giving emphasis on giving proper and affordable healthcare services so that the vulnerable sections of many areas can be developed (D'Andreamatteo et al., 2015). The major part is of government to give priority to the residential aged care in developing the agenda. There are also many hospital schemes that will help to create opportunities so that residential aged care can grow. Estia has to consider many policies at the time of implementing the plans. Economic environment The healthcare expenditure is availed from private patients just because of the high income. The rise in the income can increase the middle age group people (McCarthy et al., 2015). The government investment policies also help to give proper opportunities as the large investments require good scale to raise the infrastructure of the healthcare. It is also evaluated that majority of healthcare services are offered by the private sectors. The spending behavior of the public in Estia will rise as there are many chances of rising and low income (Al-Abri and Al-Balushi, 2014). Socio-cultural environment It is seen that there is a shift in diseases profiles. The diseases are shifted from infectious to lifestyle-related disease. In Estia the people who are aged are offered good quality services so that they can take care of their health. The people who are not able to take care of themselves come here so that they can take care of themselves in a proper manner (Kail and Cavanaugh, 2018). The population rate in Australia is high so there is a huge shift in the old age homes as people go there so that they can live happy and safe life. The rise in the literacy rate is improving the awareness in the health sector about the lifestyle diseases that can be very costly for the old age people (Barzman et al., 2015). Technological environment The healthcare system in Australia is under high pressure. There is a long list of old age people who need good treatment and also emphasizes on enhancing the living standards (Vergados, 2010). Estia offers cost competitive medical treatment so that the people can be satisfied and happy. If the company considers the latest technology then proper assistance can be given to the people who are the part of the aged care hub (Kelly, 2017). It is seen that the company should also give emphasis on speeding up the technology that disrupts the industry. The slow speed of the technology can take more time as well as the fast speed of technology can enhance the profits (Canuto et al., 2017). In estia the technological impact takes into consideration the overall technology impact on product offering and also on the rate of technological diffusion. The impact is also seen in the value chain structure in health and service sector and also the cost structure is affected (Moro Visconti, 2016). Legal environment In many countries, there is a legal framework so that intellectual property can be protected by the rights of a company. The organization should analyze everything before entering the markets so that competitive edge can be achieved. The legal factors that should be taken into consideration at the time of entering the market are employment law, data protection, health and safety law, discrimination law and consumer protection law (Nilsagrd et al., 2015). Environmental factor There are many different markets that have different standards which can impact on the overall profits of the market. Before entering the new market the company analyzes the environmental standards that are necessary to be conducted in those markets. The environmental factors that should be considered by the company are: weather, climate change, endangered species, recycling, and management of waste. It is important to consider proper regulations so that the activities can be conducted smoothly (Krause, 2015). Porter 5 force Model Estia can take into consideration porter five forces analysis so that proper understanding can be made of the competitive forces so that profitability and proper strategies can be made. Porter five forces analysis gives major impact on the overall profitability of the company in the operations are conducted. The five forces are: Threat of new entrants The new entries in healthcare equipment and services create innovation and many other ways of conducting the activities as it gives pressure on low pricing strategy and offering new value propositions to the consumers. The company has the responsibility to manage all the issues and to create proper barriers so that competitive edge can be protected (McCarthy and Chaplin, 2016). The company can manage the threats of new entrants by taking into consideration innovative products so that new customers can be given chance and also old customer can be given reason to purchase the product and services of the company. By creating economies of scale so that the fixed cost proportion can be reduced by giving focus on per unit. (van Raaij, 2016). Also by creating capabilities and spending money on research and development the new entrants can easily enter into the dynamic industry where the payers are set and proper standards are maintained. The major significance is that it minimizes the overall profits for the new entrants and also discourages the new players in the company (Newman and Newman, 2017). Bargaining power of Suppliers The companies in the residential aged care can purchase the raw materials easily as the suppliers are many. The suppliers can minimize the overall margins. The suppliers who are powerful in this sector can consider their power of negotiation to gain high prices from the companies in the health industry. The impact is seen on the higher supplier bargaining power as it reduces the profits of the health industry. The power of the suppliers can be managed by creating a good supply chain with many suppliers. The experimentation with the designs of the product can also be sued so that the prices can be low of the raw materials. It is also important to develop dedicated suppliers whose overall profit depends on the firm. The major lesson of the company is to learn from Wal-Mart and Nike that how they create the manufacturers of the third party and have less bargaining power (Makai et al., 2014). Bargaining power of Buyers It is analyzed that buyers demand more. They purchase the best product available by giving fewer prices. This can put pressure on the overall profitability and also can reduce the customer base of the company as the bargaining power is high of the customers and they can also avail high discounts (Zalengera et al., 2014). The bargaining power of buyers can be handled if they build a large base of customers and also it will help to reduce the bargaining power of buyers and offer an opportunity to the company so that they can streamline the process of production. By considering innovative products the customers can easily offer discounts and offers on established products so that new products can limit the bargaining power of the buyer. New products will also minimize the defection of the old customer of estia to its competitors (Naccarella et al., 2018). Threats of substitute products or services When the new product and services satisfy the requirement of the customers the overall profitability of the company enhances. The threat of substitute is high if it gives a value proposition that is unique to the company and its customers. The estia can manage the threat of substitute by being service oriented rather than product oriented. By evaluating the core requirements of the customers rather than what actually customer wants to purchase. The switching cost of the customers can also help to manage the threat of substitutes. Rivalry among the existing competitors If the rivalry in the company is intense then it can reduce the prices and also reduce the overall profits of the company. The company conducts in a competitive residential aged care . The competition does not consider overall profits of the company. Estia can manage the rivalry competition by creating sustainable differentiation and also by building the scale that can compete properly. By collaboration with the competitors, the market size can be increased rather than giving a competition in the small market (Cadar et al., 2017). So, by evaluating all the competitive forces it is seen that to achieve the strategic picture of the company the profitability is considered and the main focus is given on the changing trends that can exploit the emerging opportunity. SWOT Analysis Strength of Estia As the company is one of the leading companies so there is much strength that assists to grab the large market share. The organization has a good performance in the new markets and it has entered into the new markets to achieve success. The expansion has given an opportunity to the company to enhance the new revenue stream and diversifies the economic cycle risk in the overall market where the activities are operated. The major strength of the company is that it has a strong cash flow that offers resources to the company so that new projects can be expanded (Ahmadi et al., 2016). There are reliable suppliers of raw material that helps to overcome any supply chain bottlenecks. The company also has the good dealer community that helps to create a good culture among the distributor and dealers so that they can promote the products and can also invest in training so that maximum benefit can be achieved. Estia has good success at going to market strategies for its products. The company is also giving emphasis on investing in training and development so that proper results can be considered. Weakness It is seen that the company require a huge investment to consider the latest technology so that the expansion can take place effectively. The company has to put more money so that the process can be integrated. In the current scenario, the investment in technologies is not at par by considering the vision of the company. Estia is not able to manage the challenges by new entrants in the segment and lost small market share. It is also evaluated that the financial planning is not done properly and effectively as the current ratio and liquid assets gives the idea that the cash can be used more properly and also the company is focusing on raising the capital so that positive impact can be achieved in the long term (Kapoor et al., 2016). Opportunities The company has following opportunities that can be availed. There are more customers from the online platform. The company is investing in an online platform so that more and more customers can be attracted. The competency of the company can achieve success in similar products. It is important for the company to open new markets so that proper adoption of latest technology can take place and the free trade agreement can be made effectively. Latest technology offers differentiated pricing strategy that can help to maintain loyal customers with good service for long term. The new taxation policy can also give direct impact on the activities of the business as it opens a new opportunity for the company (Ajmera, 2017). Threats For the long term, the threat to the company can be new technologies that are taking place in the market. Liability laws in many countries are different and it can bring change in the overall policies of the company. Estia also faces a problem of different laws and continuous fluctuations in relation to the standards of the products. The profitability can be enhanced in the industry if the pressure is downwards and also the focus should be on sales so that overall activities can be conducted smoothly. Currency fluctuation is also the major threat to the company. Strategic capabilities Strategic capability is the ability through which the company conducts the activities so that the strategies related to competition can enhance the value over the time. So, estia is the company in which proper care is taken of old age people so that they can live their life in a happy manner. In this section the resources and competencies will be discussed of Estia Company: Resources based view The resources that are used by the company are beneficial for the people who are aged. Estia requires threshold resources so that they can compete in a market. The company gives necessary needs to the customers so that they can compete in the market. Resources and technology are important for the company to sustain in the market. It is analyzed that if it is managed properly then it can be easy to achieve competitive advantage. It also assists to enhance the overall profits and revenue of Estia (Sweeney et al., 2015). A resource-based view is a strategy through which overview is done by considering the strategies of competitive advantage. Estia resources should have many characteristics so that competitive advantage can be achieved. The characteristics are: Estia gives value to its customers in the global market. Like for example, the organization should offer products and services at a low price so that everyone can avail easily. Resources should be unique so that competitive advantage can be achieved to estia if comparison is made with other competitors. The competitive advantage must be imitable. Like for example: the products and services should be offered to the customers in a proper manner and it should not be copied from the competitors. Also, the resources should not be replaced and exchanged with other resources of the competitors. The resources should be utilized to initiate the same strategy and approach that is necessary to achieve success in the market. Competencies Estia can achieve competitive advantage by giving proper services to the customers so that the satisfaction level can be enhanced. It is seen that if products and services are not offered at less price as compare to the competitors then it can be not easy to survive in the competitive environment. Estia also focuses on giving good products and services to the customers. VRIO MODEL This framework is important as it considers the capabilities and potential that is favorable to sustain the competitive advantage. It also gives a positive impact on the overall activities of the organization. It also diversifies the products and services in the competitive market. Valuable In this step, it is evaluated that a resource adds value to the product and service of the company. The resources that are offered by the company are valuable as they help the old age people to be happy. It is valuable as the value of the customers is enhanced. Estia gives emphasis on offering products and services at low cost if the comparison is made with other competitors. It is seen if the resources so not meet this condition then it can give disadvantage related to competition. It is essential to analyze the value of the resources so that internal and external conditions can be less valuable. The resources that are provided to the customers are for long term. Rare Resources that can be attained by the companies are known as rare. In this, it is important that the products should be valuable to the customers so that they can easily compete in the market. This situation arises when the companies have the same type of resources that lead to tough competition in the market. The companies use same resources so that effective strategies can be implemented and superior performance can be achieved. Costly to imitate If the resources of the company are not imitated then it can be costly for the organization to imitate the product. Imitation can take place in two ways. The first way is by considering the duplication of the resource and secondly by giving comparable products and services in the market. Estia has valuable resources and by this, the competitive advantage can be achieved effectively. Organized to capture value It is seen that the resources not only give an advantage to the company but if it is not recognized then it can give negative impact on the value of the customers. The company should take proper management systems and policies so that potential can be realized and the resources and capabilities can be evaluated. Conclusion So it is concluded that resources play an essential role to enhance the market share of the company. In this report SWOT analysis, pestle analysis, Porter 5 forces and competitive advantage are considered to evaluate the market condition of estia. It is recommended that to maintain the proper image in the market the company should try to enhance the goodwill and also the resource-based view characteristics can help to reach a large audience in less time. References Ahmadi, M., Dileepan, P. and Wheatley, K.K., 2016. A SWOT analysis of big data.Journal of Education for Business,91(5), pp.289-294. Ajmera, P., 2017. Ranking the strategies for Indian medical tourism sector through the integration of SWOT analysis and TOPSIS method.International journal of health care quality assurance,30(8), pp.668-679. Al-Abri, R. and Al-Balushi, A., 2014. Patient satisfaction survey as a tool towards quality improvement.Oman medical journal,29(1), p.3. Attoe, C., Billon, G., Riches, S., Marshall-Tate, K., Wheildon, J. and Cross, S., 2017. Actors with intellectual disabilities in mental health simulation training.The Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice,12(4), pp.272-278. 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Understand Cultural Paradoxes Publications â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Understand Cultural Paradoxes Publications? Answer: Introducation Commonwealth Serum Laboratories recognised in Australia in 1916 to service the fitness requirements of a country. CSL Limited stood again in 1991 and listed itself on ASX in 1994. From that time onward CSL procured numerous organizations including CSL Behring and Novartis' flu immunization business. CSL is following its corporate origins back to Emil von Behring, an innovator with serum cures who attained the major Nobel Prize in psychology and Drugs. Sustainability practices done by CSL Innovationthrough focus on product research and expansion to achieve effective excellence. They also ensure that their therapies are safe and of the premier classby maintaining the maximum criteria all over the phases of the product life cycle. Functioning sensibly in the marketby promoting medicine in an ethical method, employed with others to enhance fairness of access and involvement of stakeholder in financial success; Providing a constructive workplace for our kin by inducing a culture of common trust and regard, empowering them to carry out their employments securely and adequately, and fulfilling and perceiving their commitments; and Assisting patients, biomedical and neighbourhood groups by enhancing access to their treatments and upgrading the personal satisfaction for patients, progressing logical information and backing up future medicinal specialists, and connecting with our staff in the help of nearby groups (Peter Donnelly, 2011). Product offering made by the company Plasma-derived therapies- Used in treating bleeding disorders, infections and autoimmune diseases. And also used in treating patients during serious care Vaccines Used to bring resistance to guard people against a range of viral and bacterial diseases. Antivenoms- Used to treating fatalities of venomous snake and spider bites Diagnostics products- Used in determining compatibility of donor-recipient blood in transfusion settings. Pharmaceuticals- Used in treatinga range ofhuman medical conditions. TARGET CUSTOMER OF CSL Doctors: These can be individual doctor practicing in their own clinic. These can increase sale of medicines of CSL by prescribing to patients moving to them. Patients: Those persons suffering from some diseases and moving to company products for healing. Medical shops: These are most important in increasing the sales of company, as through this company can make recommend their products to all customers. Hospitals: All types of hospitals in which medicines produced by company can be utilised in efficient way to treat customer. Product vs. sustainability Product characteristic: it discusses the quality, feature, elegance, and strategy of the product. With the assistance of the quality, the producer can provide the customers guaranteed a quality product (Luan Sudhir, 2010). Features help in distinguishing the product from other products offered by competitors. Sustainability in product characteristics attracts customer to purchase and attach more towards CSL as nowadays customers are the very using product which is environmentally friendly. Product branding: It is very important for a company to give the product a brand name. Through the help of brand tag, the consumer can distinguish CSL products from the other products. Branding enables the CSL in sponsoring the product and creating brand consciousness in mind of the consumers. Product packaging: Packaging means the wrapping which comprises the product. Packaging is acting as a silent marketing practice to attract the customer (De Mooij, 2013). It is through the aid of the packaging the buyer comes to distinguish about the product quality, quantity, weight, price etc. It helps CSL to retain customers through sustainable practices of packaging like disposable rappers, reusable material and much more helping to create sustainability in the environment. Product labelling: Labelling gives the customer figures related to the manufacturers name, location, and date of manufacturing, expiry, celluloses, nutritional value etc. By labelling CSL can help its customers to detect the product sustainability towards the environment. Product support services: - It means the amenities which are provided to the consumer after selling the product to the buyer like after sale services, installation etc. Definition and pricing strategies The word is used when prices are based on the company on the value of a product as observed from the customer's perception. The perceived value regulates the consumer's enthusiasm to pay and the maximum value a company can charge for its product. An important constituent of the value-based rating is the requirement to regulate the value for the consumer (Chattopadhyay, Shivani Krishnan, 2010). In order to determine the value a consumer associates with a product, the customer value model can be applied. Pricing strategies are of following types: Cost-plus pricing is a technique utilized by companies to exploit their incomes. There are numerous diversities, but the general trend is that one first computes the cost of the product, and at that point adds a fraction of it as rising. Essentially, this methodology sets prices which are covering the cost of manufacturing and deliver adequate income margin to the company to earn its target rate of return. It is a way for corporations to calculate how much profit they can make in future. Market-based pricing strategy: Numerous factors are taken for attention thought about while valuing a product. These integrate one's own actual cost of supplying the product, the force of demand and supply, or the contenders' costs. Rivalry based valuing is the evaluating component wherein costs are set in agreement to the costs of the competing products (Huang Sarigll, 2014). CSL pricing strategy: In the market-oriented pricing strategy, competitors prices and linked pricing trends are used in defining the values of many of CSLs customer goods. For instance, this policy is functional for the daily pharmaceuticals products consumed by customers. On the other side, the product-bundle pricing strategy implements prices used for sets of goods. CSL practices this pricing strategy in dealing with companies of competitive in nature. This policy is also seldom is useful for exceptional proposals that management definite products through retail stores (Powers, Loyka, 2010). New pricing strategy: The premium pricing strategy defines prices that are comparatively greater than the marketplace average. CSL practices this approach for selected products, such products as hospitals and insurers cannot walk away from CSL. Based on above analysis, CSL ltd has a multi-pronged methodology to set the prices for its consumer goods. How product prices normally adjusted: CSL ltd might be dropping the cost on entry-level products while leaving costs on other, more element improved and gainful items unaltered. The CSL dominant market position, economies of scale, and the industrys barriers to entry, must made it a preferred of shareholders. The corporation enlarged operating profits by 12% with a business leading profit of 31%. But supporting those stages over the next few years is not easy. CSL has profited in current years from volume constraints at competitors with the businesss antibody sales increasing 22% over the previous years, in comparison to more than 10% for the business as a whole (Alex, 2012). Promotion vs. sustainability It is the most critical, the best and the most expensive type of promotion. It is the best methods for oral or close and personal or direct correspondence. The individual introduction has the possibility of affecting deals. Its impact is to push the item through the appropriation channel. CSL sales can increase by personal selling through efforts of agents and retailers. Advertisement: It is a mass communicating of data proposed to influence purchasers to buy items with a view to increasing the companys benefits. It is an indifferent technique for correspondence and additionally an impersonal salesmanship skill for the mass offering. CSL advertises its product to increase the popularity amongst consumers. Public relation: It is a type of promotional activity. It creates and keeps up an excellent picture of an association on general culture. Along these lines the goodwill of the dealer raises and prompts great contribution and progresses the offer of products. These also can CSL to increase the revenue of company. Point of display: It is the quiet businessperson that pulls in the purchasers' regard for the item and influences them to choose to purchase. Promotion for the purpose of procurement is more influential. Appropriate demonstration of things is done by producers or merchants. It fluctuates generally. Online marketing: It defines promoting and marketing practices that use the Web and email to drive synchronize deals by means of electronic trade, notwithstanding prospective customers from Web sites or messages. Web marketing and internet promoting endeavours are usually utilized as a part of combination with the historical type of publicizing, for example CSL advertisement through radio, TV, daily papers and magazines (Peattie Belz, 2010). CSL efforts towards sustainability: Social benefit- Maintenance of high standards by CSL as it is adopting high standards worldwide in order to bring global change control system. Their electronic support system also supports this by effect of implemented changes to all qualified system, continuous improvement and facilities. CSL also contracted for global contract management system for achieving all quality agreement, and assuring that current agreements are according to prescribed standard or not. Environment benefits: CSL has developed and adopted a supply chain security system which is combining product security requirement. Also it helps in loss prevention activities, reduce waste activities, and many more. CSL also adopts various practices and take effort to improve awareness amongst public related to diseases, epidemics and orphan drugs. Economic benefit: CSL is dedicated to caring for its workforces and the world by incorporating safety principles and design for the economic environment in the roots of its industries. CSL is devoted to the thought that the expansion of a strong individual value for Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS) will too deliver a serious strategic business value. Place vs. sustainability CSL successfully practices the channels of distribution to track its processes. It is a recognized influential delivery network, which comprises industrial businesses, suppliers, vendors, customers, and much more. The channel members enable to create the marketplace which is cost-effective and well-organized. Hence, the products of CSL are dispersed excessively and widely. They are sold in all classes of provisions, like supermarkets, convenience stores, and medical shops (Tapp Spotswood, 2013). It has a widespread distribution system. Moreover, fast moving goods are looked as lower cost product. This help in company products is purchased spontaneously and regularly. Also, CSL concentrates on giving Biotechnology and Health care goods which are comparatively economical and substituted regularly. Sustainability in distribution: The security of the supply of basic items is vital to CSL's capacity to supply life - sparing treatments to patients. Through an entire understanding of the sourcing, starting point and supply network dangers of all materials required in making CSL's products, CSL can guarantee regularity in supply. Maintaining the security of distribution is a nonstop procedure where both new and existing distributors are checked on and actions made to mitigate any dangers to supply that are distinguished. To relieve the probability of basic deficiencies in their supply chain, CSL watch rundown of basic medications, Setting up a vigorous checking framework to prevent and foresee conceivable deficiencies of CSL's essential medications and procedural set up for the warning of healing centres and other pertinent bodies in case of medication supply deficiencies. Comparing marketing mix of CSL with Cipla and Pfizer. Product: Cipla: It combines 1500 items for restorative portions and nearly sixty measurements frames. The organization gives managements like dispatching, plant building, treatment and specialized know-how support and exchange (Srivastava, 2010). Pfizer: It is one of the worlds largest companies known for pharmaceuticals. It has distributed itsproceduresin divisions like Capsuget, Animal Health, Nourishment, Customer Healthcare, RecognizedProducts, Developing Markets, Oncology, Specialty Care and Primary Care Price: Cipla:In order to fulfill the demands of its patients, it has selected to keep an economical and practical evaluating strategy. Its aim is to make life cautious medicines accessible to each poor patient and for those prescriptions it has reserved a strong valuing approach. Pfizer: Pfizer has a multistep pricing framework that experiences a few stages to descend at a specific value alternative. It is a difficult investigation and is additionally reliant on dangers, benefits, aggressive drugs and feelings of doctor. Place: Cipla: It sends out numerous of its products to almost 150 nations on the world including the United States and various nations in the Middle East, Latin America, Australia, Africa and Europe (Serrat, 2017). Pfizer: It is a worldwide organization with its presence in one hundred and eighty universal markets like Hungary, Mexico, Spain, Nigeria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Colombia, Ecuador, Angola and Ireland. Its corporate home office base is in New York City and research-head at Groton in United States (Gordon, 2012). Promotion: Cipla has comprised diverse special exercises to advertise its products. Its slogan is Caring for Life and which has turned to its main goal, this thought has been consolidated in its governments, procedures, and products (Pomering, Noble Johnson, 2011). Pfizer: It has a solid brand review and has received solid promoting efforts. It has pushed its advertisements in a few therapeutic diaries to accumulate greatest brand awareness and visibility. Pfizer knows about its obligation towards nature and society. Recommendation Use LinkedIn to improve marketing mix: Utilize this business interpersonal organization as an extended business card. As individuals hear name around the Web and at meetings, there is a higher possibility that they will look at the company on LinkedIn (Leonidou, Katsikeas Morgan, 2013). E-mail marketing: It's about the relationship, and email is a standout amongst the most persevering approaches to grow that relationship (Ioannou, Serafeim, 2010). For customers, it is convenient to approach to the customer through E-mails to the company. This will help CSL in building a personal relationship with its customers. Enhancing online presence: CSL should increase its online presence in order to reach the customer at the urban area as well. This will help CSL to become popular amongst all group of people and enhancing its business sales (Peattie, 2010). Strengths Biotechnology business is one of the highest growing business in the world Wide-ranging RD capacity CSL functions in the niche section of injections, anti-venom, inheritances etc. The corporation has products like blood plasma derivatives, vaccines, antivenom, and cell culture reagents (Helms Nixon, 2010). Weaknesses Diseconomies to scale. Ethical concerns associated to genetics. Huge reserves of both period and money are required to develop new machinery. Opportunities Growing consciousness about uses of stem cells, enzymes etc. CSL can enlarge into these industry areas New skills like nanotechnology are developing which can be joined with biotechnology to produce next generations of drugs and technologies. Tie ups with big clinics to encourage the experience in stem cells. Threats Strict principles from management. Expert labour is required for the business. The amount of biotech companies have already originated offshoring certain actions, one of the main ones being the absolute capacity of medical chemistry bond effort that is now also existence completed in China. References: Alex, N.J., 2012. An enquiry into selected marketing mix elements and their impact on brand equity.IUP Journal of Brand Management,9(2), p.29. Chattopadhyay, T., Shivani, S. and Krishnan, M., 2010. Marketing mix elements influencing brand equity and brand choice.vikalpa,35(3), pp.67-84. De Mooij, M., 2013.Global marketing and advertising: Understanding cultural paradoxes. Sage Publications. Gordon, R., 2012. Re-thinking and re-tooling the social marketing mix.Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ),20(2), pp.122-126. Helms, M.M. and Nixon, J., 2010. Exploring SWOT analysiswhere are we now? A review of academic research from the last decade.Journal of strategy and management,3(3), pp.215-251. Huang, R. and Sarigll, E., 2014. How brand awareness relates to market outcome, brand equity, and the marketing mix. InFashion Branding and Consumer Behaviors(pp. 113-132). Springer New York. Ioannou, I. and Serafeim, G., 2010, August. THE IMPACT OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ON INVESTMENT RECOMMENDATIONS. InAcademy of Management Proceedings(Vol. 2010, No. 1, pp. 1-6). Academy of Management. Leonidou, C.N., Katsikeas, C.S. and Morgan, N.A., 2013. Greening the marketing mix: do firms do it and does it pay off?.Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science,41(2), pp.151-170. Luan, Y.J. and Sudhir, K., 2010. Forecasting marketing-mix responsiveness for new products.Journal of Marketing Research,47(3), pp.444-457. MacInnis, D.J., 2011. A framework for conceptual contributions in marketing.Journal of Marketing,75(4), pp.136-154. Peattie, K. and Belz, F.M., 2010. Sustainability marketingAn innovative conception of marketing.Marketing Review St. Gallen,27(5), pp.8-15. Peattie, K., 2010. 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From the 4Ps to COM-SM: reconfiguring the social marketing mix.Journal of Social Marketing,3(3), pp.206-222.

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Balance Redox Reaction Example Problem

Balance Redox Reaction Example Problem When balancing redox reactions, the overall electronic charge must be balanced in addition to the usual molar ratios of the component reactants and products. This example problem illustrates how to use the half-reaction method to balance a redox reaction in a solution. Question Balance the following redox reaction in an acidic solution: Cu(s) HNO3(aq) → Cu2(aq) NO(g) Solution Step 1: Identify what is being oxidized and what is being reduced. To identify which atoms are being reduced or oxidized, assign oxidation states to each atom of the reaction. For review: Rules for Assigning Oxidation StatesAssigning Oxidation States Example ProblemOxidation and Reduction Reaction Example Problem Cu(s): Cu 0HNO3: H 1, N 5, O -6Cu2: Cu 2NO(g): N 2, O -2 Cu went from oxidation state 0 to 2, losing two electrons. Copper is oxidized by this reaction.N went from oxidation state 5 to 2, gaining three electrons. Nitrogen is reduced by this reaction. Step 2: Break the reaction into two half-reactions: oxidation and reduction. Oxidation: Cu → Cu2 Reduction: HNO3 → NO Step 3: Balance each half-reaction by both stoichiometry and electronic charge. This is accomplished by adding substances to the reaction. The only rule is that the only substances you can add must already be in the solution. These include water (H2O), H ions (in acidic solutions), OH- ions (in basic solutions) and electrons. Start with the oxidation half-reaction: The half-reaction is already balanced atomically. To balance electronically, two electrons must be added to the product side. Cu → Cu2 2 e- Now, balance the reduction reaction. This reaction requires more work. The first step is to balance all atoms except oxygen and hydrogen. HNO3 → NO There is only one nitrogen atom on both sides, so nitrogen is already balanced. The second step is to balance the oxygen atoms. This is done by adding water to the side that needs more oxygen. In this case, the reactant side has three oxygens and the product side has only one oxygen. Add two water molecules to the product side. HNO3 → NO 2 H2O The third step is to balance the hydrogen atoms. This is accomplished by adding H ions to the side that needs more hydrogen. The reactant side has one hydrogen atom while the product side has four. Add 3 H ions to the reactant side. HNO3 3 H → NO 2 H2O The equation is balanced atomically, but not electrically. The final step is to balance the charge by adding electrons to the more positive side of the reaction. One the reactant side, the overall charge is 3, while the product side is neutral. To counteract the 3 charge, add three electrons to the reactant side. HNO3 3 H 3 e- → NO 2 H2O Now the reduction half-equation is balanced. Step 4: Equalize the electron transfer. In redox reactions, the number of electrons gained must equal the number of electrons lost. To accomplish this, each reaction is multiplied by whole numbers to contain the same number of electrons. The oxidation half-reaction has two electrons while the reduction half-reaction has three electrons. The lowest common denominator between them is six electrons. Multiply the oxidation half-reaction by 3 and the reduction half-reaction by 2. 3 Cu → 3 Cu2 6 e-2 HNO3 6 H 6 e- → 2 NO 4 H2O Step 5: Recombine the half-reactions. This is accomplished by adding the two reactions together. Once they are added, cancel out anything that appears on both sides of the reaction.   Ã‚  Ã‚  3 Cu → 3 Cu2 6 e- 2 HNO3 6 H 6 e- → 2 NO 4 H2O 3 Cu 2 HNO3 6H 6 e- → 3 Cu2 2 NO 4 H2O 6 e- Both sides have six electrons that can be canceled. 3 Cu 2 HNO3 6 H → 3 Cu2 2 NO 4 H2O The complete redox reaction is now balanced. Answer 3 Cu 2 HNO3 6 H → 3 Cu2 2 NO 4 H2O To summarize: Identify the oxidation and reduction components of the reaction.Separate the reaction into the oxidation half-reaction and reduction half-reaction.Balance each half-reaction both atomically and electronically.Equalize the electron transfer between oxidation and reduction half-equations.Recombine the half-reactions to form the complete redox reaction.

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The eNotes Blog The Magic of MarquezRemains

The Magic of MarquezRemains Many of you have probably already read the sad news this week that celebrated Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez is suffering from dementia. At the age of 85, it is apparent that the Nobel Prize winner’s career is for all intensive purposes at an end. The accounts of this news have already lamented that his memoirs will likely remain unfinished, and noted the sad foreshadowing laid out by the opening of One Hundred Years of Solitude (the novel deals with a family struggling to care for its patriarch, also suffering from dementia), so I will not comment anymore on that. Instead, I decided to take a look back at an old interview with the author at the height of his magical realist powers. What I found was a conversation printed in a 1981 edition of The Paris Review, just before Garcia Marquez won the Nobel Prize. In it, I was surprised to read the writer’s perception of the role reality takes in his work, and the influence journalism has had on his career in fiction. The author even comments on what it would be like to win the Nobel Prize (â€Å"a catastrophe†amusing, given that he won it less than a year later) and details his plans for the future. In all, the interview reminds us that Gabriel Garcia Marquez and his work are still very much with us. He may never write another word, but the magic of his work will always remainready to be discovered anew, as I found hereand that is what I choose to remember now in the face of this sad news. Below are some interesting excerpts from the authors conversation with The Paris Review. On how he began writing: One night a friend lent me a book of short stories by Franz Kafka. I went back to the pension where I was staying and began to read  The Metamorphosis. The first line almost knocked me off the bed. I was so surprised. The first line reads, â€Å"As Gregor Samsa awoke that morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect. . . .† When I read the line I thought to myself that I didn’t know anyone was allowed to write things like that. If I had known, I would have started writing a long time ago. So I immediately started writing short stories. How he developed the writing style of magical realism by way of his grandmother’s storytelling: What was most important was the expression she had on her face. She did not change her expression at all when telling her stories, and everyone was surprised. In previous attempts to write  One Hundred Years of Solitude, I tried to tell the story without believing in it. I discovered that what I had to do was believe in them myself and write them with the same expression with which my grandmother told them: with a brick face. On the surprisingly close relationship he believed his work shared with reality and journalism: In journalism just one fact that is false prejudices the entire work. In contrast, in fiction one single fact that is true gives legitimacy to the entire work. That’s the only difference, and it lies in the commitment of the writer. A novelist can do anything he wants so long as he makes people believe in it†¦ Pablo Neruda has a line in a poem that says â€Å"God help me from inventing when I sing.† It always amuses me that the biggest praise for my work comes for the imagination, while the truth is that there’s not a single line in all my work that does not have a basis in reality. The problem is that Caribbean reality resembles the wildest imagination. †¦ many people believe that I’m a writer of fantastic fiction, when actually I’m a very realistic person and write what I believe is the true socialist realism. When asked about his ambitions and regrets, he responds: I was asked the other day if I would be interested in the Nobel Prize, but I think that for me it would be an absolute catastrophe. I would certainly be interested in deserving it, but to receive it would be terrible. It would just complicate even more the problems of fame. The only thing I really regret in life is not having a daughter. Looking towards the future: I’m absolutely convinced that I’m going to write the greatest book of my life, but I don’t know which one it will be or when. When I feel something like this- which I have been feeling now for a while- I stay very quiet, so that if it passes by I can capture it.

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Final Exam Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Final Exam - Research Paper Example On the other hand, bblowfish is a symmetric block cipher and operates in 64-bit block size and a variable key length - from 32 bits to 448bits with 16-round Feistel cipher and uses large key-dependent S-boxes. Moreover it encrypts data on a 32-bit processor at the rate of 18 clock cycles/byte and can run in less than 5K of memory. It is easy to implement The algorithm used in RC4 initialization phase is a key scheduling algorithm(KSA). This algorithm takes the secret key K of length l as the input and begins with the initialization of the internal state S to set it as identity permutation and then uses the key K to generate a random permutation. Thus the algorithm can be summed up as Upon initialization, the internal state S would be [0 1 2 3 †¦ N-1]. During the next step, the value of j is calculated as j = (j + S[i] + K[i mod l]) mod N. Upon swapping value in S[i] becomes value in S[j] and vice versa. From this, it is clear that, only way to keep the initial permutation state unchanged is to keep the value of i and j equal. In order to do that, the value of k should be chosen in such a way that, whenever j is calculated using this formula, it always needs to be equal to the value of i. Upon investing the formula, if we make the values within the bracket i.e j = (j + S[i] + K[i mod l]) mod N equal to N+ i, then upon Mod the result will be equal to i. Upon analysis, we can say(in this case): j+i+K[i], since the value of j depends on itself which in turn depends on the previous value of S[i] (=i) we can say that j will increment to a minimum value of i+(i-1) (Except for i=0) for each iteration. Hence 2i-1+K = N+i. Assuming N =256, we can say K should be equal to 257-i except for i=0, in which case it can be either 256 or 0 to achieve the desired result. Now K takes: Answer: It is not possible to perform encryption operations in parallel on multiple blocks of plaintext in DES CBC mode because in

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David Lindsay-Abaire's Rabbit Hole Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

David Lindsay-Abaire's Rabbit Hole - Essay Example Even though Lindsay-Abaire foregrounds the intensity of Becca and Howie’s loss, he strongly puts forward the necessity to overcome their mourning in order to survive and appreciate life. Through the plot, the characterization, the setting and the theme, the audience perceives that Lindsay-Abaire encourages people not to let grief destroy their lives. The plot turns around the interaction between the main characters, but it especially points out the effects Danny’s tragic death has on his parents, Becca and Howie, and even on other members of the family. Killed in a tragic accident, Danny’s death causes much grief to the family and has a negative effect on the relationship between the members, especially between Becca and Howie. Even though both parents deeply suffer from the loss, each of them has a different way to express his/ her bereavement. The following statement informs: â€Å"With sly judiciousness, Lindsay-Abaire layers fragments from each segment of th eir years together into the story, letting us learn by indirection about the accident, the family's life before it, the couple's shattered condition now† (Feingold). In fact, it is through the characters’ interaction that the audience learns about the mourning and evaluates the impact the grief has on their everyday life. Becca is so involved with mourning the loss of her son that she cannot fully enjoy the fact that her sister Izzy is going to have a baby whereas she lost her child. Moreover, her relationship with her husband is even more estranged since they have stopped having sexual relations. Becca’s bereavement for her son does not even allow her to have sex because she will not let any moment of joy interfere with her grief. She even fails to feel some empathy for her mother, Nat, who also lost a son. She feels her pain is unique and cannot be compared to any other loss. Even though Howie is also suffering, he handles his mourning more decently. Lindsay-Ab aire chooses a very specific characterization which reveals the destruction that Becca and Howie’s grief causes to their relationship, and he advocates an imminent need for change. All the main characters in the play feel the impact of the mourning on themselves and on their relationships with the others. Becca used to be a very strong professional woman and a mother until the fatal accident that took her son rendered her psychologically vulnerable. Commenting about her, this author states â€Å"Becca is an enlightened woman whose coping mechanisms clearly are being tested to their limits. We learn she was successful in her former job but that motherhood redefined her as a person, leaving her now feeling rootless, purposeless and empty† (Rooney). She feels a deep grief that impacts everything in her life, including her relationship with her husband who is very caring and tries to dissimilate his loss by watching Danny’s videos. Despite his own bereavement, Howie finds the strength to console his wife and suggests a therapist to help her out. However, his sadness comes out during their arguments leading him to accuse Becca of attempting to erase any sign of Danny. Referring to the tension within the couple James MacKillop argues:

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Animal Rights Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 5

Animal Rights - Research Paper Example Another group argues that the criterion of having rationality and consciousness should not be the sole basis against animal-testing; rather the fact that every animal suffers from pain is strong enough to ban animal-testing. Obviously, this contra-animal-testing group fails to perceive that a firm and steadfast opposition against animal-test is as harmful as the view of ‘animal as thing’ is. For example, whereas a scientific experiment on animal could save thousands of man and animals lives, ban on animal-testing may destroy the possibility of living a healthy and disease free life. Therefore, though animals have the rights to live a pain-free life, such rights can be repealed for the sake of the humanity’s betterment. Moreover, any ethical perspective on animal-rights must include human’s interest in animal. Otherwise, any attempt to view animals as self-independent beings and detached from humanity must fail to bring about good for humankind as well as an imal. The origin of the arguments for animal-testing can be traced in Biblical affirmation. The â€Å"Book of Genesis† asserts that Man has a divine right over the animal kingdom. It says that man’s dominion over the animal kingdom is divine, as the â€Å"Book of Genesis† says that God has given Adam dominion over â€Å"the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.† (Francione, 1996, p. 45) Such biblical evidence necessarily infers that man can use animals for his own happiness and comfort. Therefore, if animal-testing can bring something good to humankind, then it is thoroughly permissible. Indeed, the utilitarian perspective seems to dominate the pro-animal-test arguments. The pro-animal-test debaters argue that animals can serve as good specimens for medical experiments. Even some animals such as rats, dogs, frogs and many others are efficient replic as